Sept. 29


satin stitch process.jpeg

The drastic changes of weather this month have made it feel like way more time has passed than 30 days, when Blair and I started our first A Common Thread project. September’s warm and glow-y days always trick me into thinking it’s still Summer. Which I’m never, ever sad about. This year though, we’ve had an unusually chilly end to the month, including a flurry of snow!

I feel like this painting kind of sums up the weather for this month, with it’s punchy, summery stitches against a white, blizzard-like background.

As I’m wrapping up the last lingering details of this month’s SATIN STITCH painting, bundled up in my cozy studio, I am already mulling over next month’s stitch…

But first, I want to share this month’s finished painting, and tell you all about it!

neicy frey 2.jpeg

I’m not sure if this will be a normal process for me with this collaboration, but my project this month took on a few different incarnations before I settled on the final design!

neicy frey studio

I started out following an idea of a literal interpretation of the word SATIN for our “satin stitch” prompt. I imagined an abstract composition of pinks that had the feeling of a satin drape piled on the floor. I made a couple of painted sketches and then started in on the canvas.

satin sketches by neicy frey.jpeg
neicy frey satin painting.jpeg

As I developed the design during the first week, I really wasn’t getting the feeling I wanted for this project. I love the pink and sensual shapes but I wanted something with a bit more pop, a little brighter, not so moody. Instead of working it out with this painting, I panicked and decided to start a whole new painting and go in a completely different direction! But I still do love the pink satin shapes and will probably do something with them down the road!

painting process by neicy frey

The new design I created came from the idea of a close-up of stitch-like shapes, in a very pink-heavy rainbow of colors, on a white background. One of the perimeters of our project is to have a white background for each piece every month. So I created a background of white stitch shapes going many different directions while the featured colored shapes are all parallel to each other, like a satin stitch.

Here are some process photos so you can see the painting’s evolution. I also have a highlight folder on Instagram of all of this month’s A Common Thread stories, so be sure to check them out if you want to see some behind the scenes videos!

satin stitch by neicy freyjpeg

This painting will be available at our year-end exhibit next September, but is available for pre-order.

Satin Stitch

24 x 32” framed

Acrylic on canvas


Thanks for following along, it’s really fun to share this with you!

Be sure to check out Blair’s project for this month too. Her work is just beautiful!