I recently made a whole new batch of DOT paintings for a little side-project I am working on with Chairish (to be announced soon…!)

These paintings bring me so much joy….before, during and after making them.

It’s so fun to plan the different color pairings. I limit myself to 3 colors per painting, and don’t use the same color combination more than once. Each DOT’s color combo and width of the rings creates a certain feeling, a unique identity. It’s like each one has its own personality. As I lay down each color on the paper, it’s exciting to see how the colors work/play off of each other. Some brighten the others, some soften, some collide.


And I especially love seeing all of the DOTs laid out together, noticing which colors activate others and what overall mood can be created by placement. This part reminds me a lot of quilt-making, which I used to do a million years ago, back before painting! First you make your individual blocks, each with its own special character; and then you join them all together to make one big piece. I really enjoy making groups of paintings, for this very reason. I love the idea of several pieces in a collection being hung together as an installation, like pieces of a patchwork quilt.


The fun thing about these DOTs is that there are SO MANY different color combinations you can put together! And on top of that you can really hone in the mood of your collection with your choice of frames. Since these are all a standard frame size there are a lot of inexpensive ready-made options. One of my favorite frames to display DOTs in are the clear acrylic box frames…you know the kind your mom used to hang your artwork in.

Each of these DOT paintings is made with acrylic paint on a beautiful, linen-textured heavyweight paper. They are titled and signed on the back. {{CLICK HERE to see all of the names}}

I really could spend all day making different configurations, but here are a few mini collections I’ve grouped together in little color families.



All of these DOTs are available on my website right now. Click the button below to go directly to the DOTs!

What would you do with a group of DOTs? Where would you hang DOTs in your home? How would you frame them?

I love hearing your ideas, and would really love to see your pictures of how you have displayed your DOTs! Feel free to email me or share in the comments below!