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A Common Thread Collab: September


This is the first project for our Common Thread Collaboration between me and Blair! We chose a simple and elegant stitch, a real classic, the SATIN STITCH.


Satin stitch, also called the Damask Stitch, has been used around the globe in traditional embroideries for centuries. The satin stitch is made by running thread in parallel rows that lay directly next to each other so that the thread completely covers the fabric in a defined area. This technique creates a smooth and luxurious surface that resembles satin.

This is a vintage tapestry with satin stitch embroidery on…satin. via

This is a vintage tapestry with satin stitch embroidery on…satin. via

more satin stitch on a silk robe here

more satin stitch on a silk robe here

There are so many ways that this stitch is used, in so many different styles of patterns, function and design. it’s a real workhorse when you need to cover an area with saturated color, so it gets used a lot!

In spite of the variety of designs to think about, when I think of satin stitch my mind keeps going back to the imagery of satin itself. Smooth and sensuous, it’s some sort of definition of luxury and elegance. Its eye-catching quality of being shiny without being sparkly. This somehow makes it feel way more sophisticated, although just as delightful, as sparkly.

So the direction I am going with my interpretation of this month’s stitch is a literal one. The cues I’m getting from this prompt are:



fabric pooled on the floor

faded pink and lavender


layers of saturated color

the slippery, almost cool feeling of satin draping across your skin



Next week I will post some studio photos of my WIP so stay tuned. And as usual you can follow along on instagram @neicyfrey , @blairs and #commonthreadcollab! I will probably post some stories that won’t make it on the blog so be sure to check that out;)

Thanks for following along and be sure to check out what Blair is doing in her studio too!