The original collection of 12 Sunprint paintings, inspired by cyanotype photography, tacked up on my studio wall.

The original collection of 12 Sunprint paintings, inspired by cyanotype photography, tacked up on my studio wall.


I am so excited to share the launch of my new Printshop with you!

After lots of contemplation and planning and sourcing and PAINTING, I have created a special collection of fine art giclee prints that are now available for you to purchase on my website.


The back-story

As many of you know, the main focus of my art business has been on creating and sharing my original paintings. I absolutely love the exchange of passing along an original painting that I've worked on by hand to a collector who is welcoming it into their home. Original artwork has such a special quality and holds so much value.

As I have listened to suggestions from all of collectors, friends and colleagues, I have learned that exclusively selling original art really limits the scope of my audience. Not only is original artwork expensive, often times potential buyers don't have the actual wall space to dedicate to a large piece of artwork.

So I have been rolling around the idea in my mind, and a few years ago I did a test-run with a well-known online printing company to see how that would work. I found the quality of the printing was not up to my standards, and my profit margins were painfully low. I just couldn't justify selling these prints from either a quality or business standpoint.

Since then I have been continuing to make (lots! of) original work while keeping my eyes peeled for a better solution for offering prints. Earlier this year I found a wonderful local printing company and we have been working together to develop several collections that I could stand behind and feel good about offering you. And I am very happy today to share the launch of my first print collection called "Sunprints".


The Sunprints collection, with its white organic shapes on a brilliant blue background, is a modern-day interpretation of my memories of making cyanotype prints as a kid in the 1970s. We had these cyanotype kits that were mail-ordered from National Geographic. You would place an object or plant on the special cyanotype paper and leave it out in the sun. The exposed paper would turn bright blue and the covered part remained white. The silhouettes of special shapes were captured onto paper by the light of the sun...summertime magic at its best.


The new prints

Each giclee is printed onto a luscious heavy-weight matte paper that is fade-resistant and archival. The paper is slightly textured (but not as much as watercolor paper) which gives it a beautiful depth and color-saturation. I really can't tell you how happy I am with the quality of these images! 

"Sunprints" are available in 3 different sizes with an additional 1/2 inch white border for framing

  • 11 x 14"

  • 16 x 20"

  • 18 x 24"

Special pricing

While these prints look great individually, I originally created them as a group. I want to make it easy for you to curate your own collection of Sunprints, so I'm offering special prices for quantity purchases. You'll receive a significant discount on batch purchases of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 pieces at checkout.


I hope you'll enjoy these new prints as much as I do, and I would love to hear what you think about them. Like I mentioned earlier, I have more collections waiting on the dock that I'll be releasing later this Fall...subscribers to my mailing list will be the first to know when each one goes live. If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter click here!

And I am always adding new original paintings to the studio shop!


The original twelve “Sunprints” paintings are available exclusively at Serena & Lily online.

Thanks for following along...