The general process of starting a commission is this:
You email me with an inquiry...
Along with your email inquiry, it is REALLY helpful to send the following:
  • images of your overall space and things that define your personal style
  • images of the actual room/space for the painting
  • images of other art/designs that you like or things that represent the feeling of what you want
  • any other information you think is important!
Once I have a look at your pictures and your submission, we will set a time for us to talk about your project. At this time I will give you specific measurements I will need of the space to come up with the right dimensions for your painting.
Once I have these measurements and we have talked about your vision, I will come up with a design for you and a price. I will have a few sketches that I will send you and we will set up another conversation to talk about the design plan, estimate and time-frame. I will explain my ideas to you and I would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. This is the time that we really can fine-tune the project!
Once we have agreed upon a design, I will send you a commission agreement that you will return to me, signed, along with a deposit of 50% of the proposed bid. That's how it starts!
I will notify you when I start your painting (there may be a delay due to other jobs ahead of yours) and give you an approximate time to completion. When the painting is finished I will send you photos and make shipping arrangements. Full payment is due upon completion of the painting.
I will give you shipping options and possibly a specific shipping quote during our consultation.