I was born in Spokane, Washington, grew up in Southeast Asia and moved back to the PacificNorthwest about 25 years ago. I love to travel, but the slow vibe of my hometown Spokane, with its easy access to wide open spaces, allows my creativity to ramble. More importantly, the simple lifestyle in Spokane has afforded me the ability to pursue my career as an artist while raising 2 kids. 
When I’m creating new work, there’s a constant negotiation running between minimalist and maximalist. I’m always drawn to texture and pattern but crave simplicity and stillness. The subject matter and medium is less important to me than the overall feeling in the artwork. To stir emotion, to trigger a memory, to set the mood or quality of experience in a space—this is powerful work and I take it very seriously. I consider art-making to be a very high calling. I spend a lot of time on my compositions and creating the perfect dynamic between different shapes on the canvas. The interplay of colors is also something I invest a lot into and really enjoy.  I am always inspired by Nature, the Mystic and Music.

There is a strength that comes from attention to the senses, the physical experience.  I paint to connect to my own experience, emotions and memories; painting is a tool for expression and a tool for understanding things more thoroughly. Making art helps me remember my history better and helps me to see more clearly into the future. I would describe my work as bold, sensual and lyrical.
Neicy has worked as a commercial artist for companies like Trader Joe’s and Anthropologie, and has collaborated with local Spokane businesses in creating murals and large-scale art installations. Neicy currently works full-time as a studio artist. She has shown her artwork around the Pacific Northwest and has collectors around the globe.